led driver testing procidure

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Dear Sir, 

I am Dharmendra Choubey from Bhopal , India. Sir we have design 6W ed driver using your application note RDR355. Sir please help me in testing . Can i test it in no load condition . if you can guide by testing document please give us.


Dharmendra Choubey


 Below is the recommendation in RD-355


"Optional, one shot, no-load protection circuit is incorporated in this design. In case of
accidental no-load operation, the output capacitor is protected by VR1. Zener diode VR1
would need to be replaced after a failure.
In operation (LED retrofit lamp), the load is always connected, so VR1 can be removed to
save cost. To protect during board level testing (in manufacturing) 40 VAC can be applied
to the input; if no output current is measured then the load is not connected. This test will
allow safe, non-destructive initial power up of the board, without the need of an OV
protection circuit."


Please see appendix section for other OVP circuits.