LINKSWITCH-PL Design Problems

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Dear All,

I'm trying to Design Different ranges of Drivers using LINKswitch-PL up to 16W Output.

I'm in need to have a general design for all ranges of Buck topology which suported by this IC family.

The main Problems is:

1- PI Expert 9 don't support buck Design.
2- When I used the Spred Sheet to do the Design I had some missing Data just like :
   a. The Filter Design for the sense Resistor (Paraller Cap. and the Low pass filter R and C) take DER-377 As a reference.
   b. The value of the DC-Link input cap. after Bridge (Specially if I want to do a low cost solution and Eliminating the Inductor filter after bridge) 

Now I'm in need for the equations used to calculate the Low pass filter and the parallel cap. with the input and output changes.
As every change in these parameters affect the regulation as I tested.

Thank you,



For the low pass filter, please use R = 3.3 kohms, C  = 1uF. The parallel cap improves efficiency and you can use between 2.2uF and 10uF.  Please refer to DER-328 as reference.

The inductor and input capacitor are for EMI filtering. I recommend that you keep the inductor to pass EMI. Otherwise, it is difficult to pass EMI with just the input capacitor. Note that larger input capacitance will reduce the PF as well.