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Dear PI,


Thanks for introducing LYT4221-4228/4321-4328

Less than 10% THD in optimized designs,

up to 92% efficient, 132 kHz switching frequency for small magnetic, simply great.

But how to start off with EMI components?





Hi Ravik,

I guess what you mean is the increase in switching frequency will make it harder to design the EMI. Actually not completely true. The increase in switching frequency addresses the  need for smaller magnetic components (especially in bulb applications) which also translates to smaller operating peak current compared with a lower switching frequency design. The increase in switching frequency is complemented by the reduction of operating peak currents which will give you not a big difference in designing emi components. If you're familiar in designing EMI  with th Link-Switch-PH, you can start with  the same EMI filter and will only probably need a small tweak in the components when you use the LYTSwitch-4