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In  60W LED Driver ckt, we face one problem which described below.

1.       Product work properly.

2.       At any time from working condition its start blinking.

3.       When blinking is start,  we turn off product and check it then find that bridge diode(1N5408) is short (any of 4nos).

4.       By mistake It still in on condition, fuse(LVR055) is blast,

5.       We also upgrade 1N5408 with P600M. but problem is still as it is.


First we use KBL10 bridge in place of 1N5408 (4 nos), then there is no problem in it.

So my question is that why shorting is occurring in bridge diode(1N5408/P600m)?

Ratio of this type of shorting is that only in 2 product out of 10 product when All this product are in on condition.


I attach  datasheet for KBL10, 1N5408, P600M, please see it.







Nisus Energy Pvt Ltd

Please check for current or voltage stress on your power components. Are there other components that are damaged aside from the input rectifier? Please check your input current and efficiency.

Please also send your schematic and I/O specs so we can help analyze where the problem is.