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We have done the 60W led driver design using LNK420EG. We would like to go for 80W led driver. While reading the datasheet I founf that the IC LNK420EG can use for max output of 78W. Is it possible to use this same IC for 80W system power. where considering 85% efficiency my load power will be be 68W.


if I have to change the IC which will be the good one for high THD and PFC.




Yes its possible to operate it at 80W. You can do this by increasing the VOR, or increasing operating IFB in the PIXLS. As long as no warnings flagged on the spreadsheet, its ok.

LNK420 is a low THD high PF IC. If you want to further reduce THD, you need to operate it more continuous (low KP value).

LYT-Switch-4 is also a low THD high PF IC with double the switching frequency of LinkSwitch-PH. This will buy you a smaller transformer compared with LNK420.