Use triac dimmer to produce a variable DC output

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In order to retrofit existing LED lighting units with internal 10V-24Vin boost stage I would like to design a power supply that converts a variable AC input (using leading or trailing edge dimmer) to a variable DC voltage between 10 and 24V. Output power would be 24W at maximum output voltage and 3W at the minimum output voltage. 


It seems like this might be acheivable by tricking the controller into believing that it is connected to a constant-current load but perhaps this is an over simplification.


Can someone please tell me if this is do-able?



It is doable but the fastest way to control the LED brightness is to use the existing LED drivers.  You can retrofit and use the LED.  Having another converter to your boost will sacrifice the efficiency thereby losing the purpose of using LED.
go to this link and search for the LED drivers that you can use.