Constant Voltage PSR with High PF

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I guess the difference Linkswitch -HP and Linkswitch - PH is Constant Voltage and Constant Current regulation with one difference. In PH power factor is controlled in HP it is not.


Is it possible to achieve Constant Voltage output with High Power Factor with PH?




There are ongoing design activities right now to achieve CV on PH using additional circuitry. However, there is no released DER yet with this circuit and I recommend that you check with our local FAE representative to request a CV design using LNK-PH.

Hello Mr.Crumb,

I contacted Bangalore , Indial local FAE, as suggested by you,

 But they do not have circuit.





Hi Mahesh,


I was hoping that the FAE can help forward your spec and request to HQ since the circuit is not released yet. You might just have to wait until the DER is released. I will drop an email to the FAE to understand your requirements.