6W high efficiency solution for bulb.

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I want to design a isolated led driver with flyback topology for bulb. it should have an efficiency of >85%, thd <15%, P.f>.90.


Please suggest an IC and design help for the same.



You can use either LYTSwitch-4 of LinkSwitch-PL families for this application.

Make use also of the design selector guide given below for design examples




I went through the led design selector i didn't find the one i am looking for. my requirements are :

efficiency >85%, non-dimmable, isolated, P.F>0.9,for bulb B22.


Please provide the same.


hemant kumar

HI Hemant The design selector is used to give you sample designs. This does'nt mean that the exact  particular design youre looking for will be there. If youre exact design is not there, you just choose the closest and adjust your design accordingly.You can use the PIExpert Software to adjust your design or start from a brand new design