TINY Switch TNY279 repeats switching and off.

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Hi,I have designed a new home electronics PCB which uses TINY Switch "TNY279PN".
But I have a quiestion,
In the case of the conditions of "lower input voltage(about AC100V)" and "overload(about 27W)",TNY279PN repeats switching and off.
This behavior is not auto restart feature, because repetition cycle is about 300ms.About 100ms duration of switching, and off period is about 200ms.
1. Is there any protection feature used as such behavior? 
2. When the auto restart feature works, is there any method of canceling it within 2.5 seconds?  Attached waveform: ch1 :  DC input voltage(20V / division) ch2 :  TNY279 D-S voltage(50V / division) ch3 :  TNY279 BP/Mpin voltage(2V / division) ch4 :  TNY279 EN/UVpin voltage(500mV / division)