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, the moment in March is a developers expect the property market During this period the focus of the real estate netwo Cheap ball gown rk, real estate market came to a rebound message wave after wave of Wuhan property market, the Board is no longer desolate. New house prices in a downward interval, buyers have been shot, the new home market has been a small improv Prom dresses ement. As for the second-hand housing market is no longer the same But under control policies, and recently broke to buy second-hand housing is closing the hidden costs of 6000 yuan, 70% of second-hand housing information Cheap bridal dresses  is false, the Bureau of the sec Wedding dresses ondary housing market, preventing the turbulent 8000 yuan era and pick up the road will very difficult.

Wuhan secon Cheap prom dresses d-hand housing market situation]

Wuhan second-hand housing back eight thousand times the largest increase riverbank District

Network Super Girl According to the data show that, in February las Wedding dresses t one week in Wuhan used residential listed the average price of 8044 yuan / square meter, the ring last week rose to 81 yuan / square meter, the rate of increase of 1.02%.


Wuhan seve wedding dress n main city in the four main city listed the average price rose slightly, only the mouth area, Jianghan District, Wuchang District, listed the a Cheap Wedding dress verage price fell slightly.

comparison, the riverbank area increase, listed the average price of 10,017 yuan / square meter, up 4.79%, suc Wedding dress h as the East established international and Space Twin Cities and other real estate. Followed by the Castle Peak area, listed the average pri Dresses ce of 6685 yuan / square meter, rose 4.23 percent, such as Castle Peak modern garden and Kim Hak Park real estate.

Guan Shan Chun Xiao and a SEVEN zero community has become the most recommended real estate users. According to the understanding of Network Super Girl, the the Guanshan the Chunxiao initial assessme Cheap Wedding dresses nt the average price is 7708 yuan / square meter, the qi zero community initial assessment of the average price is 7005 yuan / square meter. The two properties are located in Optical Valley Area, with the Optics Valley development southward, ignited a series of industrial the cocktail dress rmal conductivity effect is bound to promote the ra Pretty prom dresses pid development of neighboring economies.

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, select line Wucsimple wedding dresseshang: Uprising is still King, AP Vanke Golden City Fuxing Fitch East Lan shore associated to vote the Longwan the Yijing Jiang south Bodhi Garden, Hankow line : big Wuhan see the results of 1911, Vanke City, Fuxing City, Gezhouba Dam, Grand Century Place, Oceanwide international residential areas often cle wedding gown ar Malibu exchange