Design of output Inductor for LYTswitch-0

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I am using LYT0006 for 48V, 200mA drive. How can I calculate optimum output inductor & capacitor to get maximum power factor with minimum ripple at the output?

Becouse when i saw the application notes for same, it has seen to be different from normal buck converter.

Also what is the effect of frequency jitter on designing of EMI filters?

Please check my design and tell me if there is some mistake or error. 

Use the LYT-0 Spreadsheet to calculate the inductance. The inductance depends on the input cap you use. Higher input cap tends to reduce the inductance used and also increases the power capability of the device with the tradeoff in regulation and PF. So there are tradeoffs you need to consider and the final inductance or optimum inductance depends on the design specs you want to meet.

It will be on the appnote for this device that PI will be releasing soon.

But where is the input capacitor? I didn't get any input cap in DRE-384 & DRE-387 or any.

C1 and C2 for both DER

I understand how it control the constant current. But how can I maintain the output voltage? i.e. how can I calculate the value of output capacitor?

And values of output inductor given in your application notes related to input caps as u said C1 & C2 didn't match with your spreadsheet.

 Is there any correction or any other factors that I have to consider?

I dont know what you mean by it doesnt match the spreadsheet. The input caps and inductors are as calculated in the spreadsheet. Pls refere to the schematic and spreadsheet on the report.


 LYTSwitch-0 is designed to be used in CC application. It is sensing the output current. If you want constant output voltage or CV, the feedback should sense the output voltage.

We have used the ckt  with low component. If we use 1N4007 in place of BYV26A, what is the effect of it.

It depends on what function did you use the diode.