LED Driver - LNK416

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Dear Sir,


We have a Prototype board Schematic and the same attached for the Output - 38V / 450mA


We need schematic and magnetic details using as per the attached schematic for the output - 26V / 650mA.


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EDP_LEDLTHD38V450mALNK416R1.0.pdf202.76 KB



You can use PIExpert Software to generate the schematic and transformer details for your design requirements. Alternatively, you may contact your local PI representatives to further support you on this design.

Hai sir,

          I am having a design of 18Watts( 18 V / 1A ) using LNK419EG with powerfactor of 0.789 & efficiency of 75%.Can you plz suggest me how to increase the power factor to 0.9 & efficency of 85%



If you can use a higher VOUT, lower IOUT design, then efficiency will be better.

Otherwise, you may try to use a schottky diode for the output rectifier. Use a transformer with lower core loss.

Use a thermal camera to determine which other components are dissipating the power.

Reduce the input filter capacitor to improve PF. Check EMI if it's still OK.