LNK457 and LNK460 Rated Power definition

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Dear PI technical support team,

I can see in the datasheet of LNK-PL that LNK457 max power is 8W and LNK458 is 11.5W and LNK460 is 16W.

Also I found that you have an application note DER-388 which is a design of 9 W Buck A19 Lamp Replacement LED Driver Using LinkSwitch-PL LNK457DG

And the Application Note DER-337 which is a design of a Buck LED Driver Using LinkSwitch-PL LNK460KG

I see that the two ICs work over power than what's in the datasheet.
Can you discuss this issue please?


Hi Pato,
Thank you for feedback. The power table is based from a Flyback topology.
So for the Buck toplogy, a power table is not recommended because the power transfer is mainly limited by the drain current and output voltage. The output current would be a better guide. Please use the PI-spreadsheet to verify the power delivery.