LYT2002 low-side boost (step-up) LED driver design example

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Are application notes and/or design examples for this topology of using the LYT2002 available?
In the datasheet (page 2 - refer to attachment) there is this toplogy described.

Brief user requirements for this topology would be:

Vin = 150...200 Vdc
Vout (LED string voltage) = 310Vdc
Iout (LED-current) = 15mA
no dimming
mode = CCM if possible else MDCM


I don't see the attachment. The appnote for LYT2 is located at

the link you mentioned is for the LYTSwitch-2 family. My question concerns the LYTSwitch-0 type.
I couldn't locate a specific app-note for a non-isolated step-up driver.
now with attachement

So you mean LYT0002 not LYT2002. As of now the document hasn't been uploaded to the site yet, I'll get back to you once its ready.

The application note for this devise were just uploaded.

We do not have yet the boost spreadsheet but you can easily work it out. The output current is dictated by the current sense so to calculate the sense resistor=1.65V/Iout.

And as for the calculation or selection of boost inductor just select the value that will operate you in DCM and that is rated above the current rating of the device used to avoid saturation.