problem in 75w led driver as per RDR 290 design

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Dear sir,

Thanks for your replay. i have remove the R20 resister from this circuit. but the LNK not wake up and get 15v volt on the pin V and 2 volt in pin BP and voltage across the D and S was 275 volt. voltage across the C3 is 330v. in the reference design PDF there is no resistance( in Lower V Pin Resistor Value is 0) connected to V and S. in transformer design we wound the turn in 1 to 3 and 3 to 2 , but in schematic we connect the primary between 1 and 3 . and in BOM some material are missing( C4,D8 and R4). we are test the circuit in 230v input with NO LOAD and LED load (36V,20W) but we don't get any voltage or current .please help me sir
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