Forums need better search capability

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The technical forums are a great tool, but have grown too large for the average user to search effectively.
Being able to search a specific forum for user specified keywords, etc. would be extremely helpful.
It is impractical to find a specific topic, for example, "start-up issues with TOPswitch-GX designs".
Manually sorting through 10,000+ topics is not a reasonable solution. The result is the same (or very similar) topic getting re-posted again and again.

Thanks for your input. I'm certain that we can make some improvements. We already do have some options that you might consider. First, forum threads are indexed, so they should show up in search results. Second, you can filter search results by language and content type to reduce the number of results. (Hint, look in the right-hand column on the search results page.) Third, if you enclose all or part of the search string in quotation marks, that will ensure that only those complete strings are matched. If you search for "start-up issues with TOPswitch-GX designs" (with the quotes), for example, only your initial post will show up.

Hope that helps.