LYT4315 design (LYTswitch-4 help please. ...Anyone?)

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I am starting a 22W CC LED driver design on PIXls using an LYT4315. Would purchasing an RDK-347 be a good place to start? If so does this kit include discrete components or just the board? I know my transformer would have to be kludged into place but it seems some of the circuitry would be usable. I'm attaching the .pixls file. Thanks.

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The kit is a fully-working board with all the components as shown in the report. It's ok to purchase RDK-347 to get you more familiar with LYT-4 and it can be used for prototyping as well. However, you may need to adjust some components depending on the actual form factor of the bulb it will be used on. You can also check existing DERs for additional reference.
You may also try to contact our FAE handling your region to support your project.