T8 End cap LYT4226EG

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Dear Sir,

We built this driver based on the design by PIEXLs, for T8 end cap 120V @ 150mA.

We ues this LYT4226EG in prototype. test result is ok.

Now we have change LED load from 120V to 150V.

After test we found LED flicker and some noie from transformer.

So we try to fix by disable the THD circuit, But it still have noisy sound.

Could you pls, help advise.

Thank you.




It's possible that the IFB has exceeded IFB(skip) limit which is around 210uA. If you going to operate at 150V, you may need to update the PIXLS to make sure that IFB is below the limit at maximum VOUT. Setting the device to full mode lowers IFB. You can try that.