The issue of PCN-15061

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We receive the PCN-15061 as attachment, the affected products in the PCN are all AC-DC converter and LED driver products.

But compared with the products in your company’s website, there are lacks of TinySwitch Family & LinkZero Family in the PCN table.

I sent mail to with an inquiry for this question, and I received a reply that is this PCN affects all PI products.

Because we need the formal PCN to distribute to our customer, then I make demand on you to provide us the updated PCN file,

where products affected are updated to all PI products, but still now I don't receive reply.

The effective date of PCN is coming soon. Can you please help to clear this issue. Thanks a lot! 

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I am unable to update my copy of PI Expert Suite 9.0. I get error message citing Error code 404



Picture of my error message68.05 KB