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Good evening,

I have a design with LYTSwitch-4. I let produce the transformer according to PIXLs Designer. The transformer

parameters are good but the temperature of windings is about 90°C after 30 min at room temperature.

If I change the parameters of winding the Leakage inductance increase and the dissipation in primary clamp

increase too.

Where could be the problem that the transformer is so hot?

The transformer parameters and the termal scan are attached.

Thanks for your help


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What is your maximum ambient temperature? If it's 50degrees, then transfore temperature is not so bad.

Do you still have a lot of winding space? If so, then please add 1layer of tape in-between primary windings to reduce inter-winding capacitance.

If you go back to your PIXLS spreadsheet, you can try to change Kp and check if it decreases the primary and secondary rms current. You can use a large core if space permits.