simple non-isolated 30w CC PS

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Dear engineers,  i am interested to use your LinkSwitch in our new LED power supply.  unfortunatly I failed to find suitable demo board for required parameters or parameter are not mentioned. Please, advise demo board schema for the followwing:

Input: AC 170-265, Output: 90-100V 300-350 mA Constant Current. PF > 0.95,  current ripple < 5%.

Driver should be simple and cheap, thats why non-isolated. 

PS. Isolated solution we already have, but new ideas are welcome. 


Please check this design example and see if its simple enough to meet your requirement.

Requirement is 300mA(better 350), 30w this example is only 150 :(


This is a sample design anf if the topology pass your criteria, you can redesign it for your particular specs using PIExpert software.

i used PI expert designer. What should do next after table ?

Harmonics table always fail ((

Look at this:


Do you wanna cheap one? Go and get. ISOLATED. Twice or even trice cheaper than possible yours non-isolated. They're really work, and work pretty well. My experience is certainly positive.

Just don't invent the bicycle. You can't polish poop. 


Dear Alex, how to connect with you? Seems this company is far away from my answer. 

Do you have mobile?