Please verify the 75W LED driver design using LNK420EG

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I kindly request you to refer the design file of 75W LED driver using PIEXPERT tool by refering reference

design document RDR290 for street light application. And i selected Power LED of Vf=3.3 with IF.typical=700mA

and IF.max=1.5A connecting 30nos. of LED's in series to reduce the output current for better thermal performance therefore

driver output voltage is selected 100VDC and output current 750mA.

Selecting PQ32/30 transformer core design is not optimized. Designing a prototype board using same

schematic and optimization can be done or please suggest any changes to be done in the schematic.


waiting for you reply





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Dear PI EXPERTS please give your feed back on the 75W LED driver design file.



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No additional feedback, parameters looks OK.

Can you please attach the schematic? So it would be easy to find the solution. Also if you connect them in series then are you sure the voltage will remain same? Which kind of prototype board you want to design? Also share the problem of PQ32/30 transformer core design?

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Your question is out of the topic. Maybe you replied on the wrong thread.