Ultra-Wide Range LED Driver

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Hi Experts

I'm looking for an LED Driver with an Ultra Wide Range input. 

Input Range: 18....265V AC and/or DC
Output:  4..5W (no dimming no PFC...)
Topology: Buck (possible to use LYT0006?)

I found the Design Idea DI-152 which looks very similiar what I need but in flyback toplogy. Is it possible to use Buck topology? How can the "Floating Constant Current Source" used in Buck toplogy?


The floating current source must be used on low-side IC configuration to work.  For instance, LYT-0 can be configured as low-side but requires an extra opto-coupler.

I verified LYT0006 on PIXLS and unfortunately, it is not possible to maintain regulation down to 18V.

DI-152 does provide a way to operate the IC down to 18V but there is currently no LED driver design that is close to your spec and may require further study.