Availability of LYT4228 IC

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We are using LNK419 IC to make Streetlight led drivers.

We started swiching technology from LNK419 to LYT4227. And it's very impressive that LYT4227 is far better than older one.

Now we are going to switch  from LNK420 to LYT4228 for higher watt led drivers. But I can not find LYT4228 IC in our region.
I have also checked element14 website to buy it. But element14 also do not have LYT4228 IC. It's only missing IC from your products in this sites.

I had also submitted requirement quatation PI form via your seller. But they told that still you did not reply about them.

Let me know that when will LYT4228 IC avaiable in India.



I am so sorry to hear about that one.  We should not have any problem about the availability of the part unless the demand is very high. 

Please contact this office in your region:Email: indiasales@power.com

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