Effect of inductive switching load on driver performance

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Hello  Everybody!

                 We have design 20 W LED DRIVER using LNK416 IC(36V/500mA).Performance of Driver is Ok but when there is inductive switching (Drilling /tapping machines switching & rotation direction ,sppeed changed suddenly)occurs at field where my driver are located,Driver start flicking its output,Sometimes it gets off for 2-5 sec and again turn on.Kindly suggest me the better solution for this problem.which parameters of the circuit ,I need to analyze? it is depend on line filters?

Hi Dushyant,

Any single stage converter with PF is sensitive to line drop-out but not to small noise disturbance. This small noise in the line should be masked by the EMI filter.  Please adjust the EMI to be immune to line noise. If EMI filter is well designed and if there is still the presence of the shimmer then increase the output capacitance.



Dear PI-Jono ,

                 Thank you for your support.Will you please suggest me any DER/Application note ,which will help me to design the low noise immune EMI  Filter? 



Application notes are available from this link: https://ac-dc.power.com/design-support/product-documents/application-notes/