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Dear PI,

I wish to design a 100VAC-277VAC (+/-10%) multiple isolated-output power supply, 30W continuous and 90W peak.Since the PeakSwitch family is obsolete, would you recommend a suitable device for this application?

Thank you,

Tom Mazzola


please tell of the interval at the peak power.....if this interval is more than a few 10's of milliseconds then you really do need to design for the peak power, in terms of the transformer size.

I mean, if you design it for 30W, and the overload kicks in, it could trip the chip on overload protection..also, if you override the overload protection, then you could get too high staircasing of primary current, and also, dropout of the primary bias winding.


Sorry, but SMPS is , as you know, not like a mains transformer, a mains transformer can happily overload and no problem, this is why so many applicatins today still use mains transformers.