Power integrations must retrieve its own I.P.

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We note that Topswitch is the best monolithic flyback controller
in the world. The product is endorsed by none other than Christophe Basso,
one of the greatest SMPS writers in the world.
In Basso's latest book ("Designing control loops for linear and switching pwoer supplies")
, Basso gives a full detailing of the topswitch-jx feedback loop equations.
The information is needed by working engineers using topswitch.
Why are Power Integrations not taking back their own IP, and taking the (topswitch related)
contents of Basso's £86 book, and putting it on the Power Integrations
website in the form of an application note? We need these feedback loop expressions
when designing with Topswitch. PI Expert gives the phase margin and crossover frequency, however,
it appears to do this for the input voltages where the flyback is in DCM, and we want to
assure stability at those lower input voltages where the converter goes into CCM.


When will Power Integrations  take back its own I.P. for the benefit of its customers?


Topswitch is voltage mode, no engineer of any any above-junior level is going to implement the topswitch without

having the feedback loop equations first. This is an opportunity for power integrations to multiply sales by ten times or more., as you know..