Reduced fee for Power Integrations chapter of Basso Book.

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We wish to use excellent topswitch flyback. Topswitch is endorsed by Dr Basso, probably one of the greatest smps writers in the world. However, the feedback loop equations that one desperately needs in order to properly do a topswitch flyback design, are contained in a chapter of a book by Dr Basso. This book is called "Designing feedback loops for linear and switching power supplies".

This book costs £90 and we simply cannot afford that.

Please could Power Integrations possibly arrange for Power Integrations customers to be able to buy a cheaper version of the book? just the chapter which concerns the topswitch feedback loop equations. The AN-57 document of Power integrations is not sufficient for proper feedback loop analysis of topswitch. Also, the PI Expert does not give enough info on the operating conditions when it gives figures for phase margin and crossover frequency.

If this is not possible (reduced fee for the aforementined relevant chapter of this book), then why is this not possible?...this is the IP belonging to Power Integrations