couldn't set input value in PI Expert design

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Its very strange. There is a bug in PI Expert design.

When I select the the output to 15 V, the following sequence ocurred (Figures 1 to 4).

I don't do anything. The software change automatically. I think they multiply by 100. In this example, when I put 15V, it was changed to 1500V.

I have installed and uninstalled the software several times and did not work.

I use W7 64-bits.

Can anyone help me?

Best regards,

Leonardo Scarabelli



Hi Leonardo,


Your issue is likely related to Win regional settings – comma vs. dot. 


Please clarify the following:


  1. What version of PI Expert are you running?
  2. Please provide a screenshot of your Win regional setting.


One simple suggestion is to use the Online version, which will work on any Win settings.



Hi Leonardo,


Our team was able to reproduce the behavior you noted. The issue is that you have contradicting regional settings in your Windows7 64-bit workstation:  


Go to Start -> ControlPanel --> Clock, Language and Region -> Region and Language -> Change the date, time and number format --> Select  1st tab “Formats" and click on “Additional Settings…” button. Customize Format dialog opens, select first tab ‘Numbers’ and check for the next parameters:

-        Decimal symbol

-        Digit Grouping symbol

The PI Expert standalone application cannot separate thousands and digits after the decimal point.


Solution: use different characters for these two Windows regional settings

For the U.S. we have Decimal symbol ‘.’ (dot) and digit grouping symbol ‘,’ (comma).  European standards are different, but PI Expert cannot work with two identical parameters.


We hope this helps.