New LED Designs Using PI's LYTSwitch-7

November 17th, 2016

Three new LED design examples for A19 bulbs are now available. Each design uses LYTSwitch-7, Power Integrations latest LED driver IC.

Design Example Report 561 (DER-561) is a 7.5 W TRIAC dimmable, high efficiency, power factor corrected, non-isolated buck LED driver. This design has excellent dimming performance at low line input (90 VAC – 132 VAC).

DER-563 is a 8.5 W TRIAC dimmable high efficiency power factor corrected non-isolated buck LED driver. This design features a fast start-up time (<500 ms) with no perceptible delay.

DER-568 is a 10 W dimmable, high efficiency (>87%), power factor corrected, non-isolated buck LED driver. DER-568 works with a wide selection of TRIAC dimmers and meets California Energy Commission's Title 24 <25% flicker requirement.

Additional features in all designs

  • Single-stage power factor correction
  • Accurate constant current regulation
  • Low cost and low component count for compact PCB solution
  • A variety of integrated protection features such as short-circuit and line protection

For each design, a pre-assembled design example board is available for purchase. These boards are working prototypes of the finished design.

For more information about these and other LYTSwitch-7 designs, visit the LYTSwitch-7 product page.