Three New Videos - HiperPFS-4

April 5th, 2017

Power Integrations has just produced new videos demonstrating the features of its latest product, HiperPFS™-4.

HiperPFS-4 600 V MOSFET for High Reliability

Watch this video to see how the high voltage MOSFET in HiperPFS-4 allows the driver to support boost voltages of 440 V for 305 VAC lighting applications.

HiperPFS-4 Highly Efficient Across Load Range

Learn how Power Integrations’ proprietary CCM variable-frequency control algorithm ensures that efficiency is maximized under all load conditions.

HiperPFS-4 High Power Factor Across Load Range

See how HiperPFS-4’s unique light-load filter compensation algorithm corrects for input filter distortion even at loads under 20%, ensuring excellent PF and THD.

To watch these videos and learn more about HiperPFS-4, visit the HiperPFS-4 product page.