LED Driver Products

Power Integrations' LED driver IC families are used in the world's most reliable, longest lasting LED drivers. Power Integrations' LED driver ICs combine controller and high voltage switching MOSFET(s) to provide driver solutions that are highly efficient, have very low component count, and which provide comprehensive protection features including over voltage, over current, over-temperature, and disconnected-load protection.

Some families deliver high power factor and are optimized to deliver excellent leading-edge and trailing edge phase-cut (TRIAC) dimming. Power Integrations LED driver ICs provide highly accurate CC, CV, or CC/CV outputs that are ideal for direct driving of LEDs, as well as providing bias and standby capabilities for high power, ballast, smart and exterior lighting applications. LED driver IC families from Power Integrations are extremely versatile offering buck, boost, buck-boost, Flyback, and resonant topologies.