Hiper Family

The Hiper™ families of ICs are multi-die, heat-sinkable, SIP packaged modules for offline power supplies from 75 W to 400 W. They incorporate the controllers and high voltage switches needed to implement power factor correction and high voltage DC/DC conversion for a variety of applications including LED lighting, PC and TV power, video game power, printers, copiers and power tool chargers.

Supported topologies are CCM boost PFC, Two-Switch Forward and resonant half bridge (LLC). The Hiper products are characterized by very low component count, high reliability, broad feature set, thermal protection and electrical self and load protection. Developers benefit from highly compact system implementations, simple heatsink attachment, low EMI and smaller magnetic components.

Power Factor Switch
HiperPFS-3Controller + MOSFET + boost diode
HiperPFS-4PFC Controller with Integrated 600 V MOSFET
Half Bridge Resonant LLC
HiperLCSHigh frequency LLC controller + MOSFET