Single-stage PFC with Primary-Side CC, TRIAC-dimmable LED Driver IC

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The LinkSwitch-PH dramatically simplifies implementation of LED drivers requiring PF > 0.9, TRIAC dimming and high efficiency. The highly integrated controller eliminates passive circuitry required for power factor correction, optocoupler and secondary current control circuitry. LinkSwitch-PH introduces a new control technique that provides very high power factor and accurate output current control.

LinkSwitch-PH incorporates a 725 V power MOSFET, a continuous-mode PWM controller, a high voltage switched current source for self biasing, frequency jittering, cycle-by-cycle current limit and hysteretic thermal shutdown circuitry, all in a monolithic IC.

Product Highlights

Dramatically Simplifies Off-line LED Drivers

  • Single stage power factor correction and accurate constant current (CC) output
  • Flicker-free phase-controlled TRIAC dimming
  • Eliminates optocoupler and all secondary current control circuitry
  • Eliminates all control loop compensation circuitry
  • Simple primary-side PWM dimming interface

Accurate and Consistent Performance

  • Compensates for transformer inductance tolerances
  • Compensates for line input voltage variations
  • Frequency jittering greatly reduces EMI filter size and costs

Advanced Protection and Safety Features

  • Auto-restart for short circuit protection
  • Open circuit fault detection mode
  • Automatic thermal shutdown or restart with hysteresis
  • Meets high voltage creepage requirement between DRAIN and all other pins both on PCB and at package

EcoSmart® – Energy Efficient

  • Low standby power remote ON/OFF feature (< 50 mW at 230 VAC)
  • No current sense resistors – maximizes efficiency Green Package
  • Halogen free and ROHS compliant package Applications
  • Offline LED driver


Power Table

Output Power Table1, 2
Product5RV = 2 MΩRV = 4 MΩ
85-132 VAC85-308 VAC
LNK403/413E/L2.5 W4.5 W6.5 W12 W
LNK404/414E/L2.5 W5.5 W6.5 W15 W
LNK405/415E/L3.8 W7.0 W8.5 W18 W
LNK406/416E/L4.5 W8.0 W10 W22 W
LNK407/417E/L5.5 W10.0 W12 W25 W
LNK408/418E/L6.8 W13.5 W16 W35 W
LNK409/419E/L8.0 W20 W18 W50 W
LNK410/420E/L18 W31 W40 W78 W


  1. Continuous power in an open frame with adequate heat sinking at device local ambient of 70 °C.
  2. Power level calculated on typical LED string voltage with efficiency > 80%.
  3. Minimum output power with CBP = 10 µF.
  4. Maximum output power with CBP = 100 µF. LNK4x3EG CBP = 10 µF.
  5. Package: E: eSIP-7C, L: eSIP-7F.

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