LYTSwitch LED Driver ICs

LED Driver ICs that deliver constant current output to drive LED loads.


The LYTSwitch Family of highly integrated LED Driver ICs enable the design and production of LED drivers that use up to 70% fewer components compared to discrete solutions. LED drivers that incorporate LYTSwitch ICs are smaller, lighter, and more portable than comparable power supplies. In addition, LYTSwitch devices in both isolated and non-isolated topologies deliver the low THD required by today's lighting market, while safely meeting challenging line-voltage conditions. Finally, LYTSwitch products with dimming capability feature excellent compatibility and dimming range.

Data Sheet
Maximum Power12 W78 W25 W110 W
Switch Rating700 V725 V725 V650/750 V
Parts Incorporating PowiGaN™ TechnologyLYT6079C
Input/Output OVP 
PFC> 0.7> 0.9> 0.9> 0.9
THD< 30%< 20%< 10%< 10%