Lowest Component Count, Off-Line Switcher IC for Non-Isolated LED Lighting Applications

Typical Application Schematic (a) Buck, (b) Buck-Boost.

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The LYTSwitch-0 family is specifically designed for low cost LED bulb and T8 tube applications. LYTSwitch-0 devices monolithically integrate a 700 V power MOSFET, oscillator, ON/OFF controller scheme, EMI reduction and control functions including cycle-by-cycle current limit and thermal shutdown circuitry into one IC.

Product Highlights


The LYTSwitch-0 family enables low component-count, non-isolated switching topologies for highly cost competitive LED lighting applications.

66 kHz operation together with frequency jittering insures a very low EMI filter cost.

Start-up and operating power are derived directly from the voltage on the DRAIN pin, eliminating the need for a bias supply and associated circuitry.

Power Factor Correction

The LYTSwitch-0 family enables designs that easily meet European and North American standards for PFC in consumer lighting applications.

Tight CC Performance

Accurate CC with tight line and load regulation that is stable over a wide temperature range makes the LYTSwitch-0 ideal for LED lighting applications.

Comprehensive Protection

Integrated auto-restart for short-circuit, open-circuit and open loop faults as well as a hysteretic over temperature protection feature (135 °C) provide extensive protection at no additional cost.

Supports Different LED Applications

Buck, buck-boost non-isolated flyback, and boost architectures are all supported by the LYTSwitch-0 family. The 700 V switching power MOSFET supports an input voltage range of 85 VAC to 308 VAC.

Package options for thru-hole and surface-mount suit different manufacturing requirements.


Power Table

Output Power Table1
PRODUCT6 PF4,5 230 VAC ±15% 85-308 VAC
LYT0002D/P High
45 mA
63 mA
65 mA
80 mA
30 mA
63 mA
40 mA
80 mA
LYT0004D/P High
85 mA
98 mA
110 mA
139 mA
50 mA
98 mA
70 mA
139 mA
LYT0005D/P High
100 mA
120 mA
140 mA
170 mA
60 mA
120 mA
90 mA
170 mA
LYT0006D/P High
165 mA
200 mA
220 mA
280 mA
100 mA
200 mA
140 mA
280 mA

Table 1. Output Power Table.


  1. Typical output current in a non-isolated buck converter. Output power capability depends on output voltage. See Key Applications Considerations section for complete description of assumptions.
  2. MDCM - Mostly-discontinuous conduction mode.
  3. CCM - Continuous conduction mode.
  4. PF high: >0.7 @ 120 VAC and >0.5 @ 230 VAC.
  5. PF low: for non-PF application where CIN >5 µF minimum.
  6. Packages: D: SO-8C, P: DIP-8B.

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