High Power PFC Controller With Integrated High-Voltage MOSFET

This is an active product that is not recommended for new designs.
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Figure 1. Typical Application Schematic.

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Production of HiperPFSwill end after June 10, 2020. Please contact your local PI sales office for samples to help migration to the replacement products.

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The HiperPFS device family members incorporate a continuous conduction mode (CCM) boost PFC controller, gate driver, and high voltage power MOSFET in a single, low-profile eSIP power package that is able to provide near unity input power factor. The HiperPFS devices eliminate the PFC converter's need for external current sense resistors, the power loss associated with those components, and leverages an innovative control technique that adjusts the switching frequency over output load, input line voltage, and even input line cycle. This control technique is designed to maximize efficiency over the entire load range of the converter, particularly at light loads. Additionally, this control technique significantly minimizes the EMI filtering requirements due to its wide-bandwidth spread spectrum effect. HiperPFS includes Power Integrations' standard set of comprehensive protection features, such as integrated soft-start, UV, OV, brown-in/out, and hysteretic thermal shutdown. HiperPFS also provides cycle-by-cycle current limit for the power MOSFET, power limiting of the output for over-load protection, and pin-to-pin short-circuit protection.

Product Highlights

Key Benefits

  • Single chip solution for boost power factor correction (PFC)
    • EN61000-3-2 Class C & D compliance
  • High light load efficiency at 10% and 20% load
    • >95% efficiency from 10% load to full load
    • <130 mW no-load consumption at 230 VAC with output in regulation
    • <50 mW no-load consumption at 230 VAC in remote off state
  • Frequency adjusted over line voltage, and line cycle
    • Spread-spectrum across >60 kHz window to simplify EMI filtering requirements
    • Lower boost inductance
  • Provides up to 1 kW peak output power
    • >1 kW peak power delivery in power limit voltage regulation mode
  • High integration allows smaller form factor, higher power density designs
    • Incorporates control, gate driver, and HV power MOSFET
    • Internal current sense reduces component count and system losses
  • Protection features include: UV, OV, OTP, brown-in/out, cycle-by-cycle current limit, & power limiting for over-load protection
  • Halogen free and RoHS compliant


  • PC
  • Printer
  • LCD TV
  • Video game consoles
  • High power adaptors
  • High power LED lighting
  • Industrial & appliance
  • Generic PFC converters


Power Table

Output Power Table1
Continuous Output Power3Peak Output Power4
PFS704EG85 W110 W120 W
PFS706EG105 W140 W150 W
PFS708EG140 W190 W205 W
PFS710EG180 W240 W260 W
PFS712EG225 W300 W320 W
PFS713EG225 W300 W320 W
PFS714EG265 W350 W385 W
PFS716EG295 W388 W425 W
 180 VAC
Maximum Continuous Output Power6Peak Output Power4
PFS723EG255 W280 W
PFS724EG315 W350 W
PFS725EG435 W480 W
PFS726EG540 W600 W
PFS727EG675 W750 W
PFS728EG810 W900 W
PFS729EG900 W1000 W

Table 1. Output Power Table.


  1. See the Key Application Considerations section of the Product Data Sheet for details
  2. Packages: E: eSIP-7G
  3. Maximum practical continuous power at 90 VAC in an open-frame design with adequate heat sinking, measured at 50 °C ambient.
  4. Internal output power limit.
  5. Lower range of maximum continuous power for best light load efficiency.
  6. Maximum practical continuous power at 180 VAC in an open-frame design with adequate heat sinking, measured at 50 °C ambient.

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