TinySwitch Family

The TinySwitch™ families of products combine a high voltage power MOSFET and ON/OFF flyback power supply controller in a single 7 pin SO or PDIP package. Suitable for small open-frame offline power supplies or power adapters up to 25 W, TinySwitch devices have excellent no-load and light load efficiency and extremely fast transient response. The external circuitry accompanying TinySwitch is simple to design and power sub-systems using the TinySwitch product are relatively insensitive to component tolerances due to manufacturing variances, aging and operating temperature.

TinySwitch devices are used in a very wide range of applications requiring accurate CV or CV/CC operation, including bias supplies for computers, consumer audio/video products, appliance and air conditioning bias supplies, chargers and adapters and a variety of industrial power sub-systems including metering and controls.

Compare TinySwitch Products

 TinySwitch-4TinySwitch - III
BVDSS 725 V 700 V
Line Comp.  
Surface Mount  
Packages SO-8
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