March 19th, 2018

Power Integrations公司InnoSwitch™3系列恒压/恒流离线反激式开关电源IC获得由《今日电子》杂志联合21ic.com网站颁发的“2017年度产品奖”。 “2017年度产品奖”由《今日电子》和21ic.com网站联合筛选评奖。三项评奖标准为:产品技术或功能是否有突出表现;产品是否把握技术或应用的发展趋势,做出相应改进;产品是否易于开发和应用。InnoSwitch™3 系列恒压/恒流离线反激式开关电源IC采用Power Integrations创新的隔离式数字通信技术 ——  FluxLink™,并具有同步整流、准谐振开关以及精确的次级侧反馈检测和控制电路。InnoSwitch3器件适合对能耗、外形尺寸或热约束要求严苛的电源,特别是必须符合强制性总能耗(TEC)标准的电源。

InnoSwitch3 IC系列产品针对特定应用提供三种版本:

PI Launches Latest LED Driver IC - LYTSwitch-6(New!)

February 8th, 2018

Today Power Integrations' announced the LYTSwitch™-6 family of safety-isolated LED-driver ICs for smart lighting applications. The new ICs deliver flicker-free output up to 65 W, and feature up to 94% efficiency and as little as 15 mW standby power, with configuration options for two-stage or single-stage PFC support.

PI Expert Suite v10.0 is Now Available

December 1st, 2017

Power Integrations has published Version 10.0 of its popular power supply design productivity software, PI Expert™ Suite. This latest release adds support for the company's new InnoSwitch3™ family of 94%-efficient offline flyback switcher ICs, as well as a new Design Wizard incorporating PI's product portfolio.

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