hight power LED driver

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I am going to design LED driver with below specifications
Output Power: 320W
Input Voltage: 90V -305Vac, 50/60Hz
Output Current: 8A
Efficiency: >90%
Please suggest suitable Power integration part for the same.
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Hi Doodle,

For this power level of LED Driver, I would recommend the HiperLCS family. It uses LLC Half-Bridge topology with integrated High Power MOSFETs and Drivers. Kindly see the link below where you could download its datasheet. You may select the appropriate device on the Power Table in the datasheet. You would also find some Design Examples on the link; DER-447 maybe a suitable design reference for you.


If you need high Power Factor for your design, you might need to have a PFC front-end converter. I would recommend the HiperPFS-4 family for PFC which you may find on the link below:



Thanks a lot , the second link is suitable for me. I will study datasheet first.


another suggestion about hight power LED driver: https://chieusangxanh.com.vn