5v 40A SMPS

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Is there a possible solution for a 5v 40A SMPS using power integration ics?

Hi rejithcvcv,

Thank you for your interest of using Power Integrations' part.
Regarding your question, you can use use our Hiper-LCS product for your requirement. See below link for your reference. Thank you.


Thanks for the reply. Is there a software like PI expert that support the above said hyperics?

Hi rejithcvcv,

Yes, just create an account in PI-expert online or download the PI expert suite and you can make your design by just providing your specifications. Below is the pi-expert link. Thank you.


Thanks for the reply. But in the PI expert software, the current can be set to a maximum of 12A only. How can we overcome this situation?

pi_error.JPG43.85 KB

Maybe your power setting is not set >100W. See attached file for your reference.

Output power selection175.64 KB
PIXls input_5V_40A63.24 KB

Hi ...
I am designing a SMSP for 5V, 20A.
The software gives me same error as mentioned above in this topic.
I saw you suggestions of hyper LCs family ..but for me the family is not coming up in PI expert software. For me it shows till TOP JX & HX family.
Please advice for the same.


Hi sadashivmirgule,

Please check attached file. HiperLCS is in available option. If you can't see LCS option, try to remove product filter by selecting "Any" on all filter parameters.