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I am having with this Offline switcher that I purchased from Digikey to replace an original part they recommended. It worked for 3 months and now its down. This part of a Nalco Trasar controller in the power supply section. This has a Universal input rated 90 - 240 VAC input. I can get the display to come on at 90 -100VAC turning on the input switch but no higher then 105 VAC. I can get it to come on at 90 volts and then turn the voltage up to 240 VAC and it will stay on. I have not found any bad capacitors or resistors yet. I was just hoping I have the correct TOP246YN for this type of universal input. (F) is shorted to (S) and feeding to transformer, (D) is feeding the other end of Transformer, (X) is tied to resistor 4.7 Mohm then to DC bus cap + pos and (L) is also tied to + pos bus cap with a 1.9 Mohm resistor. I removed X and L resistors from Pos DC Bus to TopSwitch no change 90VAC is it. Please any suggestions, this is a discontinued controller and no support.