High power output DC-DC converter

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Hi All
I am converting DC-DC. In PI software the output power and input voltage is limited.
I want to convert 1200 V (1.2K V) input to 350 V output with output power rating of 3000 W (3K W).
What kind of circuit or IC should I use. Thanks in advance.

Hi winminthu,

Unfortunately we don't have IC that can meet your needs that is why it is not supported by our software (PI-expert tools). You can feed your 1.2kV to a full bridge IGBT/Mosfet then step-down transformer with center tap or full bridge to meet your 350V output and rectify it on the secondary side with Sync Rect. The tricky part is the full bridge and control and transformer design. Look for IC controller for DC-DC Full bridge control. Hopefully it helps. Thank you.