Input DC200V, Output DC200V 1A Isolated type power supply

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Hello everyone.
I would like to design an isolated type power supply with input DC 200 V and output DC 200 V 1A using PI Expert. But when I enter the parameters in PI Expert. There is no choice and it can not be designed.
Is there a solution?

Hi Masataka,

Thank you for your interest in using Power Integrations' part.
You can use Hiper LCS for your application. On the PI-Expert, select Hiper-LCS on creating your design. Refer to attached file for your reference.

HiperLCS_Design_200V_1A.pdf639.58 KB

I was sorry to have delayed my thanks.
Thank you for offering hints and parts lists, datasheets.
By using Hiper-LCS, we verify that the desired circuit can be formed.