230V AC to 16V 150A supply design

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I am looking for 230V AC to 16V 150A DC supply design. Our board size 100x80mm . Can you please suggest the solution.

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This is Pioneer magnetics power supply 12V125 A, AC/DC/DC

in this power supply it has 2 module , one module AC/DC 90-264V AC converter to 380 VDC, then module dc/dc 380vdc to 12VDC/125Amps

Thanks for you reply.
I have gone through the video.
Our requirement is below
1) Input is 230V AC
2) Output 16V 150A DC or 16V 100A DC.
3) size of the PCB is 90x80 mm
4) Weight should <1kg.

Do you have single module solution. my concern is weight.

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Hi trunglqvtv,

Thank you for your interest in using Power Integrations solution. Unfortunately we don't have yet controller for your power applications.

thank you very much