PQ35/35 is lacking for TFS-2 PI Expert Online

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PQ35/35 is selectable for PFS-3 design in PI Expert Online.
But this core is lacking for TFS-2 designs.
Strange - why ?

I have used PQ35/35-data from the PFS-3 spread sheet into a "custom design" for TFS-2.
But the calculation fail for transformer losses and fit estimation( for eg. line 137-138, 143-145, 155-157 etc ).
( these lines are marked #N/A )

Kindly give me all correct input data ( line by line ) to be able to create a correct custom designed PQ35/35 for TFS-2.

Or even better:
add PQ35/35 for TFS-2 in PI Expert Online.


Thank you very much for your feedback. Seems like there is a bug in the transformer loss and fit estimation once the user selects a custom core. We are currently working on providing a fix and will provide an update shortly.

great thanks !

At the same time, please add PQ35/35 as a standard selectable type in PI expert Online.

2 months gone and still no update.
When ?

Apologies for not providing a timely update. The calculations were updated to ensure that the parameters for the loss and fit estimate for a custom core are taken into consideration. These fixes are a part of the next release for the online tool which is estimated to release by March 1 or sooner. Thanks.

will the update include PQ35/35 as a standard selectable type ?

PQ35/35 has not been added to the standard core list. The user can select the custom core option and then enter details about this core. Thanks.

Yes I know - when you have the bug fixed....

On the other hand - PQ-series is selectable for PFS - why not also add it to TFS ?

The PFS and TFS are two separate spreadsheets and need not necessarily have the same core/bobbin list. The 'CUSTOM' core option enables the user to use any core/bobbin, instead of PI handling these on an individual basis. The bug fix is in process and will be available March 1 or sooner. Thank you for understanding.