Power supply using HiperTFS7708H

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We have a new requirement of power supply design. it is to be operated at 220V-240VAC input.
Peak power 520W average power 310W.
Can HiperTFS7708H provide this much peak power.
Please find attached load profile for more detail.
Power supply needs to be used for electric tool. each operational cycle will be of 5sec .
18V ouput
30A peak for 1 sec.
20A average.
Please provide your suggestions on use of HiperTFS7708.
Front End PFC is not there.

Also Datasheet gives 2 different levels of peak current from MOSFET 8.3A & 4.96A. which is true value?
because PiExpert shows warning that peak current is exceeding the limit , please find attached image.
Power supply will be operating at 132kHz.


Hi abhishekmonghe.1

TFS7708H should just enough to meet your requirement of average power and peak power.

The 8.3A is the absolute rating which means you should not operate beyond this threshold and the controller doesn't allowed it with 4.96A peak current limit. The controller turn-off the MOSFET once 4.96A is reached.

The PIExpert shows that your are reaching the peak current limit at peak power but you are still slightly below the threshold so it will possibly work. If not just slightly increase your magnetizing inductance to have lower peak current at your peak power. You can check our designs examples from our website for your reference. Thank you.