TOP268 and standby consumption 0.3W

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Hi Sir/Mdm,

Please take a look into the schematic and report as attached. As told ,I would like to ask your team's opinion to minimize the power consumption at STANDBY to <0.3W, please check and comment.

Jason Teoh

schematic180.12 KB
test report101.62 KB

Hi Jason,

Some items that you can check to minimize power consumption at standy:

1. Optimize the snubber circuit.
2. Select lower forward Vf voltage for the secondary diode.
3. Try using low Vf input bridge rectifier.
4. Optimize the transformer (winding, core material, etc.)
5. Check on the common mode choke if 6mH is really needed. You may opt use lower inductance value and check on the losses during standy.