MY 20W Design 5Volt output using TNY290P, is not provide full output current.

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I am designing a 20 watt smps , but my design is not provide full current. At 230 volt ac design provide on 1.98Amp with 5.1 Volt output.
But is design the smps for 5 Volt 4 Amp.
can you please tell where is the problem.
transformer Design using PI expert Online tool.
Detail attached of PI EXPERT.
Iam using TNY290P ic , and these design is replicate of 20Watt tv stand BY design.

17_10_19_20W_DUT.pdf2.41 MB

I'M not getting full output current at 230 Volt AC of 5 volt 4 Amp.
Pease help me out with these.
Design is attached below..

Hi Sourabh,

Thank you for considering PI's product.
I've checked the design spreadsheet and didn't find any issue in the design.
Could you share some of the waveforms (Drain voltage and switching frequency, output voltage and current at 1.9A)?
Thank you!