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Hi dears.
I need some information. On your DER-617, Is it possible to reduce the resistors R4 and R5 from 2Megohms each to one of 2Megohms and another of 1Megohms? if possible I reduce the startup time to somewhere around 70ms? The other specifications are perfect for my application. Thanks and Best Regards.

Hi eugenio,
If you would like to reduce/change resistors R4 and R5, please consider that these resistors also set the brown in threshold (26 uA) and input over voltage protection (115 uA). Setting these resistors to a combined 3Megaohms would put the input over voltage protection threshold to about 260 VAC which is within the designed input range of operation. Please refer to the datasheet in this link: https://led-driver.power.com/sites/default/files/product_document/data_sheet/lytswitch-6_family_datasheet.pdf

If you want to decrease the startup time, I think you can still further decrease the output capacitor. The datasheet recommends "Typically, 300 µF to 400 µF capacitance per ampere of output current is appropriate". You can also look this up in the datasheet I have provided above.